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We bought a frantic horse on a windswept day

Updated: May 16

We bought a spectacular 17.3H, 5.5 yr Master x Kaliber (Utrillo) gelding, who God put together so ideal uphill he easily made every GP exercise on the long lines. And he had the fastest hindleg in canter I've ever seen in my life. The horse was #2 of the 5yr olds in Sweden at Falsterbo yh final. Really like riding a razor. First day home, November, the old, stone training stable was built a on wind-blown skinny peninsula, basically on the beach of the Baltic Sea. Brrr. What was the Major's game plan ? (not my game plan...but I did as I was told...)

Choose correct answer:

A. Ride him very very very carefully mostly walking in the indoor after feeding him calming herbs

B. Lunge him a lot then ride him very very very very carefully in the indoor

C. Baby him and give him ace and turn out and let him adjust for 90 days

D. Call the massage therapist/horse psychic so he can explain his terror to us

E. Set up a spread-out course outside in the horizontalsideways Baltic wind and jump him. (The Major watched from inside his Volvo.)

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