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Class 108 is 'in work' this summer 2024 but is not yet 'Public'. Contact Jane for early admission.

"Horses go as they are ridden." MAJOR ANDERS LINDGREN

DESCRIPTION of Class 108

*"The correct seat is the basic prerequisite for the applications of all aids," and, "Horses go as they are ridden," said MAJOR ANDERS LINDGREN.

The rider's SEAT -- your body -- is actually the delivery system for all information to the horse. 

This course examines, insists on, and guides trainers and their riders on installing the basis SEAT requirements from the masters of history: to make an independent SEAT. This is a SEAT that is secure in itself and provides 1) comfort in the going and 2) ease in the information exchange for both rider and horse.

This cause and effect information-delivery system has specific requirements for arrangement of the body, location of the body, and 'tone' of the body (none of which involve core).  The independent, basis SEAT is for ALL DISCIPLINES and ALL riding. Its’ adaptations: the half-seat; the galloping-position; and the forward (jumping) seat all depend directly on this basis SEAT. Without this basis SEAT well made, any adaptations fail – even if horsepeople can’t tell the difference *.



No one is talking about this so plainly and concise. Makes me want to go get it solid.

There are dozens of ‘seat doctors’ and faux-experts online and on ‘the clinic circuit’ hocking cures for SEAT problems that are gimmicks, fads, and quick-fix counterfeits.  The SEAT is made only by forward, straight, and uphill riding, discipline, and attention.   This course will give the thinking trainer/rider all the features of the SEAT they will need going forward.  After all, there are only two ways to ride: the right way and the wrong way. Which way do you want to ride ?

"Don't just do something, sit there." ;)





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