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Sober, Proven Instructions Crush Modern 'Classical' Misinterpretations

"Don't let algorithms chart your way-of-going.'.....When facing the horse moronintelligensia, rely on the timeless ODG instructions and dismiss modern misinterpretations,....or "who do you think you are ?"

When you're out there in real life or online, don't try to combat the horse moronintelligensia with your own wherewithal.

The only authority that'll put things right is the ODG instructions, the basic, military riding. Try to get rid of your own opinions. Note your personal ways of saying stuff and deliberately revert to the originial instructions and the LANGUAGE of the instructions, the basic, military riding. Let these riding-illiterate-show-offs countermand & struggle against Gen. Xenophon, Gen. Chamberlin, Capt. Beaudant, Capt. Littauer, Col. Ljunquist, Col. Podhaskjy, Major Lindgren, Major Stecken, Col. Taylor, Col. Norton et al.....not 'us'. Know the facts rote verbatim.

Make the snooty frenchy ones prove their talk by waving Saumur instructions in their face. I bet they will not even recognize the instructions.

Make the illiterate American dressage people explain themselves by the Hdv12, the ultimate beginner book.

If the clinic cowboys with their fake humility and pious low-key drawls talk about 'finding the feet,' demand they explain how horses actually 'find their footfalls.

If they're fancy biomechanic people who think they're the only geniuses on earth who've memorized anatomy in Latin, ask them why they had to write a 4 page essay on a matter that has been dispatched by Vienna in 5 words. Do you think a 4.5 yr horse is going to listen to their essay and go uphill? This WILL happen from 'sitting-them-to-the-bit'. But if you blow off the simple pure idea (as most of you are), you will either 'break him down or make him boss'. So now we've got lameness and "behaviourism" explained.

Zero none of the people re-inventing riding can ride. I don't know a single 'content creator', 'facebook group admin', or 'top contributor' who can ride. I deal with people in the hundreds these days. Don't let a 30 year old who has 'an education degree ' tell you how to teach. These are 2nd graders teaching Kindergarten, and this is a giant problem. Don't let algorithms chart your way-of-going.

My teachers taught the facts verbatim. After the fact, when i was compelled to study 'the books', I learned that my teachers had been teaching me the rote facts verbatim all along, facts that were already 'established by reason and justified by experience' with millions of horses over dozens of centuries. Then some wordy outraged housewife horseperson refutes training with 'a recent clinical study' with a sample size of 17 horses! They declare that I'm un-scientific !

Who can ride this phrase ? Who can improve this phrase ? "Ride your horse forward and set him straight." (GYM p71). Let's go.

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