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The HORSEMAN'S HAND: The SOFT HAND is the "Hollow Fist"

Updated: Apr 7

Trainer Tuesday The Plaid Horse asked "What are some ways to help riders learn to close their fingers on the reins?"

At first I said, 'threaten them with penalty of death', but changed it to this, which is what we really train here:

“Preparation is the secret weapon in riding, so riders and trainers study the function of the bit from the military teachers of de Nemethy and Steinkraus (et al). These ‘lessons’ explain the meaning of the bit for the lower jaw of the horse, and how the horse is taught these sensations, which is up-close. The masters say these up-close lessons for the horse also educate the rider’s hand! It’s true!

"When the students feel the ‘real’ response of a mouth, all temptation to jerry-rig with open fingers or ‘broken wrists’ vanishes. Every nerve in their closed, soft, ‘hollow fist’ connects to the horse’s educated-mouth and makes conductivity through both bodies – including the hindquarters and seat! The correct, folded, fist becomes intuitive and natural.” -Jane


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