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Don't get ready for the 4th of July on the 3rd of July

"As responsible horsekeepers, it is we (i.e. you i.e. me) who must prepare our horses for events like the 4th of July, not vice versa -- and we have all year to do it. The fireworks in our county are literally 300 yards from this property!"

If it's a new horse, having them all be together in the barn in their cozy stalls with loud music and hay is a good plan because the experienced horses tend to soothe the new ones. One year when I had a new one, I knew the experienced horses would be fine, but that first year I aced the new one just to be safe, and he was fine, and now the years since he watches fireworks out the windows of his stall. If you leave them in a pasture in a gang, one panicking could set them all off. I've seen a small herd bust through fence from this situation and cause a dangerous stampede on a residential road.

We can't expect America to not celebrate. We must be responsible and prepare our horses to conform to the conditions we live in."

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